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  • The constant theme running through these websites is a focus on places where birds are seen, their habitats and niches, how they feed, cope with competition and avoid predators. All are factors which can be readily observed and can usefully augment the information which birders obtain from field guides.
  • These are active websites not just sources of occasionally used information. Accordingly visitors are monitored in order to establish areas of interest and, where appropriate, to respond to questions which keywords and phrases used in search engines.
  • Responding to visitor interest will inevitably result in fairly frequent changes in content and presentation both of which are clearly important factors in encouraging and maintaining interest.
  • One aim for this website is to look at birds from a different viewpoint focusing on unusual, challenging and even controversial issues. Various groups of birds will be discussed in a way which website visitors may find thought provoking but hopefully always interesting.

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In line with the "billing" on the banner, as "the website which has more to offer", I use the top navigation bar to draw attention to new content which has been recently introduced so you should expect to see changes periodically.

Visitor Feedback.

Top five topics accessed by UK and US visitors in the period Jan to end May 2013 were True Finches revealed, Birds of Prey, Kingfishers, Winter Garden Birds and Cormorant eats sand-shark. In June Kingfishers, Places to see birds, and Early Birds aroused visitor interest. I am planning further content on "Places to see birds".

Thank you all for your interest.

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