Navigating the Website

The main topics are indicated in the green boxes on the navigation bar at the top of each page, under the banner with the two Wrens.

When you move your pointer over a box the pointer changes to a pointing hand and the topic is high-lighted - the box changes colour from dark green to pale yellow. If you click on this pale yellow box you activate the link to the destination indicated. You will understand things better of you read the contents of this box before moving on to other boxes.

The pointing hand also reveals further dark green boxes below each main topic. These "drop-down menus" are sub-topics which turn yellow when highlighted by the pointing hand. If you click on a pale yellow, highlighted box you activate the link to the sub-topic indicated.

Within the text of the website, wherever you see words in blue they are a link to another page. If you are not familiar with this click on blue now. On the page it takes you to, click on the blue Welcome to return.

In addition to these links your browser has two back and forward arrow buttons which are usually left and right arrows. You can use these to take you through the trail of pages that you have recently looked at.

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