Role and Purpose


Aims with respect to these websites are to:-

• Achieve a better understanding of birds from characteristics which can be observed and understood by the layperson.

• De-mystify some of the ornithological terms which many birders find hard to pronounce let alone understand.

• Share thoughts about birds in a simple, light-hearted approach using terms which can be understood by the layperson.

How is the website structured?

This website is structured around a series of MODULES which you can see in upper case on the top green navigation bar. Most of the modules have drop-down menus below the main topic. You should click on the MODULE in upper case first to see what is contained. If you then point to the module the drop-down menus are revealed in lower case. You can click on them to see their content. If you need help please click on Navigating the website.

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Even if you don't join you can still participate.

The Forum module on the top green navigation bar provides a link with our website visitors. All you need is a valid email address so why not try it? We welcome contact from like-minded people. For security reasons we do not publish the names, addresses home or email, telephone numbers of people involved in this website.

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