What's New ?

I rapidly lose interest when I visit a website, only to find that it was last updated two or more years ago. This one has regular updates, usually at least once per month. Periodically I "weed out" relatively minor changes which visitors have had time to see, leaving key milestones relating to the structure and content of the website.

The most recent changes are listed first:-

1st Sept - EARLY BIRDS - Time of evolution approach moved to Birds by Common Name Groups- click on http://baob.wikidot.com.

27th July - "Places to see Birds" is being extended in response to visitor interest.

1st July - Wheatears feature added.

14th January 2013 - Visitor feedback Sept - Dec 2012 updated.

9th August 2012 - Revision and structural changes after first two years of operation.

31st December 2011 - New for the New Year - easy e-mail access to Forum.

27th May 2010 - Website development commenced.

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