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The support of two or three members has got this new venture off the ground and postings and replies in Forum are already highlighting the interest which our bird group members have in observing and understanding bird behaviour. This has led to various articles in the Features module and others are in work.

How to communicate your thoughts and comments.

In the sections which follow the blue headings define categories which link to pages where your thoughts can be posted. All you need to make a posting is a valid e-mail address. Click on the blue category link which seems most appropriate.

Identification of Birds

Are you looking for help or have you experienced presentations which helped you and could help others? If so please tell us.

Places to see birds

Are you aware of some good places to visit that our bird group has not been to? We are always looking for new ideas.

Recording Data about Birds

What can we learn from garden bird surveys and similar exercises? Do members want to see the data gathered?

Studying and understanding Birds

This has been the most popular category so far.

Your Interests

A catch-all box - if what you want to post does not seem to fit any of the above categories click on this one.

Site Feedback

This is the place for your comments (good or bad but hopefully constructive) about this website.

If your interests don't fit with one of the above categories please use the box below.

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Give the post a title (don't agonise over it) and add your comments in the larger box and then click Post it

To edit or reply to postings.

To edit your own posting (we all make mistakes quite often) or to reply to a posting from someone else you need to go to the appropriate category in Your Interests (the blue sub-headings like Bird Identification) or Site Feedback. When you then find the item you want you will see two options below the text box - one is Reply and the other is Options. If you click on Options you can select Edit. The other options are not open to you unless you are an administrator.

What will we do with your posts and replies?

Topics which arouse interest will gradually become apparent and some will be copied into the Development Website for further consideration as potential items to be included in the Features Module. Where appropriate originators will be encouraged to join the development website to progress ideas in which they have a special interest or expertise to offer.

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